I know that Payroll can be a huge headache for business owners which is why I work with a company called Gusto to run payroll.  They provide full service payroll and will pay all payroll taxes, file all forms, and keep up on everything payroll related to keep you compliant.  I help set your payroll up and then can help run payroll for you or let you take over on your own!  I am always available for support and questions no matter how much of the payroll process I am part of.  If you are currently running payroll with another company I can help you switch over quickly and easily.

Steps to running first payroll

Get all of the necessary federal and state id numbers, unemployement rate, and worker's comp. policy
Enter all business, employee, and past payroll information into Gusto
Have employees set up their Gusto accounts and enter in all personal and tax information
Gusto will verify all business, employee, and bank information
Run Payroll!!

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