Bookkeeping Done Right for Small Business Owners

There are may different types of bookkeepers who offer a variety of services.  My focus is to make sure your books are current and accurate so that you can use your financial reports to help your business.  How can this help your business?


  • Having up-to-date books help you know how your business is doing, not just how much money is in the bank account right now.
  • Hiring a bookkeeper helps you make sure you books are clean.  Some common errors I see with bookkeeping are income and expenses entered twice, or not at all, bank balances not accurate, and recording expenses to the wrong category.
  •  Having clean and current bookkeeping can save you money at tax time.  Your accountant has to do less work and you also have a better idea of what to pay for quarterly taxes.  Both can help you save money !
  •  Accurate bookkeeping can relieve stress.  You always know exactly how your business is doing financially and can budget and plan for the future easily.


I have many clients who have come to me embarrassed by their lack of bookkeeping knowledge, skills, and accuracy.  I think that as a business owner you should be focusing on helping customers, making goods, finding great products, and so many other important parts of your business, not training yourself on bookkeeping.  I can provide clean, accurate, and quick bookkeeping and share with you the important things you need to know.

Here are a few of the bookkeeping services I can provide you:


    • Entering income and expenses into your accounting system
    • Reconciling bank accounts, credit cards, and loans monthly
    • Classify transactions in a way that will help with taxes, but more importantly help you as a business owner.
    • Send monthly financial statements
    • Provide training and support


If you’re looking for more help understanding your finances, making decisions using your financial statements, setting goals for your business, and sticking to a plan to help your business grow check out my Financial Coaching and Virtual CFO services.

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