There are a variety of services that you can choose from for your business needs. I offer fully online bookkeeping services and all packages have a flat monthly fee.

Beginner Setup- one time fee starting at $50

Bookkeeping Setup
Help plan the correct software to use, chart of accounts, and basic setup needs.

Software Setup
Help set up bookkeeping software.

Initial Data Entry
Enter beginning balances of accounts.

1-hour of basic bookkeeping and accounting software training.

Financial Report Setup
Set up basic financial reports that business owner wants to see.

Secure File Transfer
Set up secure file transfer and Quickbooks access.

Starter Package – starting at $75 per month

Data Entry
Weekly, monthly, or quarterly entry of income and expenses.

Account Reconciliation
Monthly reconciliation of bank, loan, and credit card statements.

Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation
Reconcile accounts such as payroll liabilities, inventory, and sales tax.

Financial Statements
Monthly financial statements prepared and sent to business owner.

Year End Tax Prep
Clean books at the end of the year for tax preparer to file taxes on time.

Customer Service
Unlimited phone and email support.

Enhanced Package – starting at $125 per month

Starter Bookkeeping
All services listed under the starter bookkeeping are performed for enhanced also.

Basic Financial Analysis
Analyze month to month financial statements and notify owner of large changes.

Financial Statements
Along with basic financial statements, monthly detailed reports are sent to owner.

Customer Service
1-hour per month of accounting software or bookkeeping training

Year End Taxes
Communicate with tax preparer directly to help file taxes.

1099 Processing
Process 1099s annually. (additional fees for postage applies)

Premium Package – starting at $200 per month

Starter & Enhanced Bookkeeping
All services listed under starter and enhanced bookkeeping are performed for premium also.

Create annual budget and send reports monthly on status of budget.

Industry Reports
Financial reports include information to compare your company to others in the same industry.