Loan Help

Many businesses are suffering right now and are turning to sources such as banks and the Small Business Association for loans. If you need help getting your financial statements in order, financial statement cleanup, and understanding the loan applications I am offering services to help.

Help Options

2019 Bookkeeping Completion

If you have not finished (or started) your 2019 bookkeeping I can help you quickly get your books in order.

Financial Statement Clean-Up & Overview

If your 2019 bookkeeping is done, but you need help understanding your financial statements I can help.

Disaster Loan Application Help

If your bookkeeping is done, your financial statements are ready, but you need help applying for a loan I can help.

During this time of unknown financial crisis I am offering my services now and payment later. For the above services I will not charge you until you receive your loan or 60 days after your business is able to re-open. Please contact me for more info!