COVID-19 Crisis Help

Many businesses are suffering right now and are turning to sources such as banks and the Small Business Association for loans. Also many businesses are looking at how they can reduce expenses, keep income, and find ways to get through this crisis without any loans. If you need help getting your financial statements in order, financial statement cleanup, and understanding your finances I can help.

Help Options

2019 Bookkeeping Completion & Cleanup

If you have not finished (or started) your 2019 bookkeeping I can help you quickly get your books in order. Or if your bookkeeping is complete but you need some clean up work I can help.

Financial Statement Overview

If your bookkeeping is done, your financial statements are ready, but you don’t understand them I can help. I can help you understand what the financial statements tell you and how they help.

Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting

I can help you analyze your cash flow and create a cash flow projection and budget to stick to. We can also go over different scenarios including funding sources to see what is best for your business

Keep Your Business Afloat During the Crisis

If you need help looking at your income and expenses and finding ways to cut costs or keep income I can help. We can go over your financial statements and business plan to make a plan.

During this time of unknown financial crisis I am offering my services now and payment later. Contact me for more information.