Online Self-Paced Classes

Learn about small business finances from your home, at work, or while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine!

Current Classes:
  • Intro to Financial Statements


Upcoming Classes:

  • Payroll & 1099s
  • Using your financial statements to grow your business
  • Setting up Accounting Software
  • Ratios & Margins
  • Income Statement Deep Dive

6-Week Financial Basics Class

As part of the class you will receive a packet with all of the information you will learn as well as exercises to help you after the class has concluded.

The sessions will include, but are not limited to:

  • The basics of business bookkeeping
  • Introduction to the Balance Sheet, P&L, and Statement of Cash Flow
  • How to create a budget and cash flow forecast
  • Determining what are key performance indicators for your business

This class is done virtually once a week for 6 weeks.  If you cannot commit to the 6-week class there will be weekly classes starting in the fall, so check back then.

The class is $500 and includes:

  • Weekly 1 hour teaching sessions for 6 weeks
  • Informational packet with exercises and quizzes
  • A one hour coaching session
There is limited space in each session so make sure that the teaching sessions can be interactive and personalized to the group.

The next sessions will start later in the summer.  Fill out the form below to have the first chance to sign up when dates are set!

Teach for Your Group

I am always happy to teach for groups and organizations virtually or in person.  If you are interested in having me, please fill out the below form for pricing and availability