About Me

Sarah Lambert

I grew up in Port Angeles, Washington where I started my work career dusting shelves at my dad’s auto parts store.  I moved up to helping with inventory, delivering parts, and eventually helping with the daily running of the business.  I went to the University of Washington where I took a variety of courses including accounting and business courses and received my Bachelor’s Degree.  I have worked in a variety of jobs in finance including bookkeeping, lending, and financial advising.

For the last 5 years I have owned my own business in which I have helped businesses in a variety of ways.  I make sure my clients have clean and accurate bookkeeping.  I work with clients to analyze their financial statements and use them to help their business grow.  I create budgets and forecasts for business owners to prepare for the future.  And I provide training via classes, on-on-one sessions, and group sessions to help business owners understand their financial reports and accounting software.

Growing up in a family of two business owners has helped me understand the help business owners need in order to concentrate on their passion.  I love to work with small businesses owners and watching them reach their goals.

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