If you’re on social media you probably see a lot of people making new year’s resolutions and creating goals for themselves.  While a lot of them work hard to achieve these goals, most of them give up after a month, week, or sometimes even a couple of days.  Goals can be hard to achieve, but they shouldn’t be out of reach and so hard that you don’t give yourself a chance to succeed.  So what can you do to make achievable goals that will actually make a difference in your life?  I am working with many clients right now to work on their business goals, which go hand and hand with their personal goals.  Here are some suggestions that I have learned and pass along to my client.

Think about the why

Why are you creating this goal?  Do you think it will help you personally or professionally?  Will it make you or others happy?  Will it look good on social media?  If you are not creating the goal to help yourself and make yourself happier, less stressed, or generally a better person it is not a good goal.  For example, a lot of people make New Year’s resolutions about their weight.  They want to lose weight to look good in a bikini or find a boy/girlfriend or fit into a certain dress, all things that they think will make them happier.  If you’re making a goal to make other people happy it’s going to be hard to achieve.  If you do in fact achieve it and don’t get the validation you were looking for than it can start a whole other set of feelings and problems.  On the other hand, if you want to loose weight so that you can feel healthier, play more with your kids, go on more hikes with friends outdoors than you are setting a goal for yourself.  When you achieve it you will feel successful no matter what other people think.  The goal is based on how it will make you feel and what you can do in your life.  This is true of business goals also.  If you are creating goals based on how your business will look to other people or how you will be perceived as a business owner than you’re letting other people decide your happiness and the path of your business.  Make sure your goals are for you and what will help your business and life, no matter what other people think.

How specific are your goals?

I see many people make big sweeping goals such as I want my business to be successful or I want to make more money.  While you should have some broad long term goals, you need to make sure that you have specific goals that you can reach.  You should be making specific goals like increasing your number of customers by a certain percentage, cut costs by a certain amount, or saving a certain amount for new equipment.  If your goals are specific it is easier to make a plan to reach your goals and achieve them.

Who will help you?

It’s hard to achieve your goals all alone.  You need a team to help keep you on track, people to help implement your plans, and most importantly a group to help support you during the ups and downs.  Goals should not be easy, so you shouldn’t try to reach them alone.  Find someone, or a group, to hold you accountable and keep you on track.  Work with your team to reach your goals.  You’ll need the help of people within your business like your employees and the help of outside sources such as your business advisor.  The last group you will need is friends and family that will be there for you whether you meet your goal or not.  You will need support for when things don’t go how you plan and you will need people to celebrate when you do reach your goals!

Don’t be hard on yourself.

No matter what your goals are, always remember that goals are not easy.  You may not reach them all.  Most businesses in 2020 did not meet any of their goals, but still felt successful.  They created new goals during the year, or threw them all out the window and were just happy their business made it through the year.  Always look at the things that you did that worked and adjust for the next year.

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