Be Different, Be Yourself

Don’t Compare Yourself!

I have recently (aka yesterday) decided to get rid of all of social media apps from my phone.  The main reason is that I was finding myself looking at other people’s businesses and lives in general and comparing myself to them.  By the end of my scrolling session I was feeling like my business was a failure, I was not getting enough out of my day, I wasn’t a good mom and wife, etc.  After even just one day I am feeling so much better.

Many business owners feel like they have to do it all and be perfect at everything because they are constantly comparing themselves to others.  I recently had a client who was telling me how hard it has been since COVID hit because she had to try to work from home, while homeschooling, worrying about finances, worrying about when her business could reopen, and much more that she didn’t tell me I’m sure.  She made a comment about how it should be easier to work from home and home school because I could do it.  I had to stop and remind her of a couple things.  First, I chose to work from home from the day that opened my business.  While COVID has effected by client base and work load, my work situation has not changed.  I have not had to try to work from home and a separate office, never having what I want in the right place at the right time.  I have spent the last few years making my ideal home office so that I have everything that I need in one spot.  Second, my family made the choice that our girls would do school from home over a year before COVID hit.  When schools were cancelled, my girls already had a routine at home and needed very little help.  They’re also teenagers so they didn’t want much help from me.  So although on paper we may be doing the same things, are situations are very different and so we should not compare.

Everyone has very different lives and the best thing we can do for ourselves and others is support one another.  Stop looking at people’s lives and comparing your own to theirs.  Some business owner’s have all the time in the world and would work 24/7 if they could.  However, most need to find a balance between work and life, and that can be the most difficult part of running a business.  If you start comparing yourself to other business owners and try to do everything that everyone else does, you’ll always be burnt out and probably never happy.

Make Your Own Path

Business owners are creative, innovative, smart, and amazing.  It’s time to stop looking at other people and feeling like you’re not doing enough and make your own plan. YOU CANNOT DO IT ALL!!!  Let other people help you, it’s okay to admit that you cannot and don’t want to do it all.  Find what you are spending too much time on, because you feel like you have to, and delegate.  So many business owners come to me and just want a little help, but don’t want me to do all of their bookkeeping because they feel like they can do it and they should know how.  Let me be honest, you don’t know how and you’re probably doing more harm than good.  No one knows everything.  People may pretend that they know everything and it may look like they’re doing it all on Instagram or Facebook, but in all honesty there’s a team of people behind the scenes helping.  If you’re doing everything, than you’re probably doing it all half assed because you don’t have the time or knowledge.

So stop trying to look at what other people are doing and telling yourself that you should be able to do that also.  Make a plan that works for you.  Create a team that can help you.  Spend more time on you and the things that you love and want to spend your time doing.  Don’t worry about how that may look to other people, it doesn’t matter.  You can’t ever be someone else, so why try?

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