New Year, New Business

Happy New Year!

As many people start 2021, they are happy to see a new year and feel like they can start over.  Many businesses barely made it through 2020 and unfortunately a large number had to close their doors.  If you’re one of the lucky ones that made it through 2020, it’s a great time to think about how you can take control this year.

Usually at the beginning of each year I help clients look at goals they achieved last year and look to create new ones for a new year.  We create a budget and focus on growing the business and increasing income.  This year is definitely different as many of my clients did not reach any of their goals and had major unexpected drops in revenue.  So the beginning of this year looks different for me as I’m trying to help my clients focus on taking control this year.  I’m helping them manage the direction that their business is headed, the potential income they can bring in, and the amount of time they are devoting to their business.

You are not alone if you are a business owner that feels like they have lost control in 2020.  Almost every aspect of your business may have changed this year, so what can you do to get back in the driver’s seat in 2021?

New Business

Although you business may technically be the same this year, it probably looks very different than it did in January of 2020.  That means it is time to look at your business plan, budget, and goals and make sure they align with your new business.  I have watched my clients sell new products, find new ways to get customers, and keep employees by creating new tasks.  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, these changes may also have to continue, but that may be a good thing!  I know a few businesses who have started monthly subscriptions for their products that are delivered to their customers monthly.  None of them offered this before, but they have become so successful, that they plan to continue and expand their offerings this year.  I have also seen businesses create custom gift packages for customers.  Again, this was so successful for birthdays, graduation, and Christmas that they will continue offering this service in 2021.  There may be changes that your business has had to make that you now plan to keep.

So with all of the changes, good or bad, it is time to make a plan for this year to make it through COVID-19 and beyond.  It’s time to create or update your business plan so you can really analyze where you want your business to go this year.  It’s time to create a budget, or more likely a few budgets, because 2021 will still have its ups and downs.  It’s time to make new goals for you and your business so you have a direction to take your year!

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